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Welcome to SRPS C&W Department

LNER open wagon This site is run by Don Clarke, a volunteer at the SRPS. On this site there is a lot of information about the electrical aspects of coaching stock, the Carriage and Wagon Department restoration and renovation activities, a picture gallery including ALL the LNER pacifics and a section on BVE, the Japanese authored train simulator for the PC for which Don has written some routes - Edinburgh to Aberdeen and the Bo'ness and Kinneil branch.

Volunteer Appeal

We need more volunteers in Carriage and Wagon. We are all getting older and need a new wave of personnel to whom we can pass on our skills and knowledge to maintain the pace of carriage and wagon restoration at Bo'ness. There is a long queue of vehicles for restoration as well as the Branchline and Railtour carriage sets to maintain. We are on site Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Please drop me a line (to the address near the bottom of the page) if you think you can help at all. Only basic DIY skills are needed - we will help you take it from there!

Ancient Graffiti

When John Forrest was de-scaling this wagon prior to repainting, lettering and numbering, he came upon this rather amusing picture which must have been painted around the time the wagon was constructed - late 1940s.

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Updated openBVE routes to Aberdeen are available for download. There has been an update (July 2019) for Linux users.

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  • LNER Sleeper E1211E has now been externally and internally completed and has seen the attentions of the asbestos removal contractor. There is a photographic "history" of work on Flikr.
  • Restoration of Gresley TK 1002 Chapter 19
  • Restoration of NBR Invalid saloon no. 461 Chapter 17
  • LMS TOs 27407 and 27389 Rebuilding Chapter 8
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    If you have any comments on the site or an interest in any of the subjects covered, please contact Don via email on [anti-spam - remove the X's, translate the "dot" and the "(at)"] don(at)XgotopcsXdotXnet - he'd be delighted to hear from you. Click here to view the SRPS Privacy Policy.

    This site is updated whenever a relevant amount of new or changed information is available. There may be gaps of several months - the restoration business is not fast moving - it would go faster if there were more hands to help - please click on the "Help wanted" link above to see how could help this very worthy cause.