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BVE 2 Routes and Traction

BVE2Everything on this page relates to BVE 2 only and will run on BVE2 up to version 2.6. It will not run on BVE4 installations as there are many changes to the coding syntax and features making the runs very much non-compatible.

BVE Downloads

Edinburgh - Aberdeen Scenery (3Mb)

16th June 2003. The scenery and sounds file which is required for ALL main line routes, timetables and traction. Much of the scenery has been upgraded from the original release to improve appearance, improve frame rate and have nice smooth curves and points. Thanks here go especially to Stephen Cross who has laboured long and hard to convert routes to standard gauge with beautifully smooth sweeps of curved track. This version contains only csv objects! There is not a b3d to be seen!

Bo'ness Branch  (revised)
The scenery and sounds file which is required for ALL timetables and traction based on the SRPS branchline at Bo'ness. Standard gauge smoothly curved track is featured.
This file includes the objects you need to go up the line, AND the objects you need to drive back down (with the rescue mission)!

Route and Timetable Files

The five main line routes have been updated with newer scenery and Scotrail station approach markers (16th June). These route files also contain some new scenery in addition to that in the scenery file above which are required to run any of the main line routes.

Double headed Class 37 timetable This is Edinburgh Waverley platform 11 to Carnoustie "GOLF SPECIAL" as a SRPS railtour. There are even passengers waiting for the train! The train is held in Thornton Down loop for "operational reasons" - you'll just have to imagine an HST roaring past on the Down Main. After letting the golfers disembark at Carnoustie, there is the opportunity to thrash the ECS all the way to Aberdeen (platform 6N). Run time is 2hr 55mins, but, typical of specials, you do get "looped" and have to wait for a service train to overtake. (18-6-03)

Class 158 timetable. Beware! the stop points at the stations have been altered in line with the 2-coach 158 set. This train runs from Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen to a Scotrail timetable (16:10) and departs from platform 17, arrives platform 6N. 209km in 2hrs 40 mins. Watch out for those speed limits! (18-6-03)

Class 170 Turbostar timetable. This route follows the same pattern as the 158 but goes! It also runs at a different time of day (10:10 departure from platform 16) so you ass different trains at different places. This run also terminates in platform 6N. No trouble keeping to the timetable with this baby! (18-6-03)

The HST Route file This is the GNER timetabled service from Edinburgh to Aberdeen which leaves from platform 19 at Waverley and arrives at platform 5 in Aberdeen. Maximum permitted line speed is 100mph, so watch out for those speed traps! Timetabled run time is 2hr 33mins. (18-6-03)

The Cement Train This is a heavy freight simulation running from Dalmeny junction to Craiginches Up Loop just short of Aberdeen. Being a freight, you get looped a couple of times! The train is hauled by the Freightliner Class 66 from the BVEtrains site. Experience the awesome pulling power of the 66 with a heavy train on the drawbar. (18-6-03)

The 150 Route file The route can now be driven by Class 150 all the way from Edinburgh (platform 16) to Carnoustie. This drive uses the Scotrail timetable and is all stations. Now updated (18-6-03).

Departing Arbroath

Cutting north of Port Lethan

Approaching Aberdeen

Departing Arbroath

Cutting north of Port Lethan

Approaching Aberdeen

J36 at Bo'ness Drive a J36 class 0-6-0 steam engine from Bo'ness to Birkhill along the picturesque SRPS line on the south bank of the Forth. "Maude" taking 4 Mk1 coaches along the seafront then up the 1 in 95 incline all the way to Birkhill. Watch you don't slip!

SRPS Class 20 at Bo'ness The last train of the day on the SRPS branch is usually diesel hauled. Here you take the train from Bo'ness to Birkhill using the resident Class 20 D8020.

Bo'ness Rescue! (revised) The scenario here is that the Bo'ness branchline train has broken down at Birkhill - the class 27 which was in charge has failed while running round at Birkhill. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to drive the 47 from its stabling point behind the train shed at Bo'ness up towards Birkhill. The guard of the stranded train stops the light engine before arriving at Birkhill, then the engine proceeds to couple up to the stranded stock. Don't overshoot!!!!! This variant is as a result of an idea by Alex Farlie. The "buffer-up" sound comes from a recording by Timothy Corbett.
After you couple up, you drive the train back down the line to Bo'ness to arrive in the normal station platform. This is rumoured to be the first "there and back" route for BVE.

Main Line Traction Files

Double headed Class 37 haulage. The configuration is a guess at 2 x Class 37's with a load of 11 Mk1 coaches - much like an SRPS Railtour, in fact. This version of the 2x37 has an animated panel and full height screen display. It is adapted from the Class 37 hosted on the TrainSimCentral site. Another brilliant job lads!

Animated Class 66. Here you can reach the BVEtrains site where you can download the Class 66. As with the Class 43, you get a really good wide-angle view of the scene from this cab. Sound is very nice too!

Animated Class 158. With this link you can download the 158 from the BVE Trains site. I thoroughly recommend the extended windscreen panel including a really nice windscreen wiper from this site.

Class 170 Turbostar Download this traction from the BVE trains site - it is fully animated and features some really great stereo sound.

Class 150 Animated panel and great sound with this DMU from John Owen. Max speed is 75mph and acceleration is not so frisky, so don't hang about when the guard's whistle blows!

Class 43. Download the HST from the BVE Trains site. The makeup is two Class 43 power cars and 8 Mk3 coaches.

Animated J36 Built in the Victorian era, this NBR loco is still going strong, and is great fun to drive up the hill on the SRPS branch. Some of the sounds used in this simulation were supplied by John Owen. Watch out when you open the regulator fully - firstly you might slip, and second it is very stiff to close again! There are screen shots from this loco below

Class 20 This traction file is written as 2 x class 20's with twice as many coaches as are used at Bo'ness, so divide everything by two and you are in charge of D8020!

Class 47 The resident class 47 at Bo'ness is 47643. This simulation has the engine towing several coaches, so strictly speaking the characteristics should be adjusted for rather faster acceleration as the 47 is run light engine up to Birkhill.

Bo'ness Station

The Bo'ness branch trains start off from the terminus at Bo'ness. This shot shows the train departing Bo'ness station through the Victorian Train Shed which was originally situated at Haymarket. The signalbox on the right came from Wormit.

Big valve up the hill

This shot shows the J36 working hard up the 1 in 95 gradient through the woods towards Birkhill. The 4 coach load used in this simulation is quite a challenge for the 0-6-0.

Birkhill Station

The end of the running line at the time was at Birkhill, and the train can be seen arriving here. The stopping position is just opposite the lamp shed at the far end of the platform.