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Drive an incredibly realistic train!

BVE (Boso View Express) is an open source train driving simulator which allows enthusiasts (like myself) to create either factual or ficticious routes. I have chosen to focus on two areas in the UK - The Edinburgh to Aberdeen main line and the SRPS branchline between Bo'ness and Birkhill. The physics of train motion and the engine sounds are particularly well handled in the BVE simulator.

In 2009 openBVE came along. This is a whole new ball game with external views and moving scenery no less!

BVE Information and downloads

Development of the openBVE material was a two-stage process - first stage was to get the BVE4 routes to run under openBVE as you would see them in BVE4. Next stage was to update to current timetables and start to use some of the great new features of openBVE such as animated objects - this was a huge undertaking. My original plan was to re-write to get a good external cab camera image in both directions, but this would involve much more complex scenery and would mean a very severe frame rate hit, so I have stuck with "staying in the cab" optimisation.