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What goes on in the Carriage Shed. Restoration of Gresley, LMS and NBR Carriages. Details of the Railtour Mk1 vehicles and of various other preserved coaches and wagons.

To save battery power, our heritage carriages had been converted from 24V filament lamps to inverter driven 230V CFL lamps which consumed about 25% of the power. However, progress moves onward and LED lamps at 24V have become economically available, so all of the heritage carriages have been converted back to 24V. The situation now is that the lights are better, and consume only about 10% of what they used to. This is great for heritage lines where line speeds do not allow battery charging to take place "on the move".

Restoration of Gresley Sleeper 1211

Restoration of Gresley TK 1002

Rebuilding LMS TOs 27407 and 27389

Rebuilding Gresley Buffet 644

Historic Vehicles

Renovating NB Invalid Saloon no. 461

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